Zoetic Photography provides photographic services.

Zoetic Design focuses on interior design.

Zoetic Group  represents several manufacturers in the hospitality industry.

Our goal is to provide both superior service and tremendous value to our clients.

 Melissa West primarily focuses her time on the photography business.  Her passion is to step into her client’s world and capture the moments that best represent the Melissa West essence of who they are.  She uses creative techniques and incorporates organic visuals in her trademark photography style.             Nancy Gribi is  the lead providing  design services.   In a collaborative effort with clients, we strive to create beautiful interior environments that provide a visually pleasing and well functioning solution for their interiors. Nancy Gribi               Representing select hospitality and gaming focused manufacturers, Zoetic Group focuses on projects to obtain solutions for their product needs.  We represent  socially responsible, high quality,  cutting edge manufacturers.   Combined,  Zoetic Group draws from  over 35 years of experience in DESIGN, SALES, AND IMAGING.